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Take charge of your health!

Discover the benefits of Dr. Sharad Paul's RxEvolution GT21 Gene Test

It is the DNA test for wellness. We don't test for diseases, but optimise your diet and exercise for good health.


Test 21 key genes and get a scientific report that can guide your future health

... an exhilarating journey through the shifting landscape of genetics, health, and evolution.” ~ Siddhartha Mukherjee, Pulitzer Prize winner for, The Emperor of Maladies: A Biography of Cancer"

2018 NewsHub article - featuring Dr Sharad Paul, MD

Dr Sharad Paul, MD talks about his GT21 Gene Test

Just like law isn’t justice, medicine isn’t health – health needs you to understand your own body and control your destiny.

​As an MD, I constantly see how a simple change in diet or lifestyle can alleviate many symptoms. We now know many genes that are specifically implicated in increasing our risk of certain vitamin deficiencies, intolerances to gluten or lactose and certain metabolic diseases like diabetes. Sometimes we identify the specific gene, and sometimes algorithms help us determine the risk of a particular condition or even a propensity to excel in certain types of sporting activities. Would you like to know if your children are better suited to endurance or power sports? Or do you only want to know if you can continue to drink several cups of coffee a day and not increase your risk of heart disease?

Different versions of a gene can make us respond differently to certain components in food such as lactose in milk, gluten in bread, caffeine in coffee, along with carbohydrates, fats, proteins vitamins and minerals found in various foods.  We are all familiar with people who are lactose intolerant or cannot eat gluten. These differences between individuals can be explained by gene variations within populations. Through science and research we have learned that genetic variations in the populace and between individuals affect a wide variety of responses to key components of human diets. For instance, some individuals may benefit from limiting their consumption of caffeine or increasing their intake of omega-3 fat, while others can follow the general recommendation for either or both.

Therefore along with my partners, Nutrigenomix, international leaders in nutritional genomics, I have developed a specific RxEVOLUTION® 21-gene testing program that can given you insight into your own personal health, fitness and dietary needs. We will analyze your genetic code to determine how your genes can influence you and make recommendations related to drug metabolism, nutrient and mineral requirements, sports preferences and most importantly how you can ‘eat for your gene type’. 
Life is to be lived, cherished and enjoyed; not merely existed. Birth and death are natural—it is the in-between that we have control over. That’s why your personal songline matters – go well, have fun, and enjoy the gift of life. 

Why get your genes tested?

Like anything in life that you want to be good at, work, sport, art, and yes, your health, you need to constantly work at it. However if you're working in the wrong way, or have simply been trained to do something in an ineffective manner you will always be a step, or two, behind the leaders.

In developing the 21-gene test, I took time to deliberate over what genes we would test for. I decided against testing for diseases (as many other companies do) because the science can get it wrong and cause unnecessary anxiety. I specifically chose ones that had good research evidence, and that would be meaningful i.e. that would give us information or allow us to take specific actions to improve our health.

I've explained more about this subject and demystified some of the science in one of my blog posts - you can read more on this here.

Comprehensive Report.

The GT21 gives you a personalized report on how you should eat for your gene type. It's a rule book you can utilize to get the most from the fuel you are putting into your body. Less of this, more of that, steer clear of this etc. It can be the catalyst for a truly positive change in your own dietary behavior, and help you turn off some habits which really are not serving you well.

$299 USD + Shipping and Taxes

The GT21 was developed by Dr. Paul while researching and writing The Genetics of Health


The Genetics of Health

Your personalized 21 Gene Test report will help you get your health back on track

Genes tested

Live a life of wellness, uncover the power your unique genetics.
Know how your genes affect your body’s response to drugs before you fill that prescription.

Medicine is a complex narrative of human industry and scientific zeal, in a world full of disease, real and imagined. When genes were mapped, everyone assumed humanity would be reduced to binary code, we'd become digital humans living our imaginary lives. But somethings small and selfish, our genes are a form of history. We have to embrace humanity's backstory and heredity, even if we cannot change it. Evolution may be complicated and messy, but we cannot turn our backs on it. Good health needs some creative work – a sense of aerobicized urgency combined with knowledge of our genetic history.

  • Discover what exercises will keep your brain alert and elastic for life.

  • Do you have a “sluggish gene?” Find out how to overcome a propensity for laziness and procrastination.

  • Know what your genetic variations have to do with how you respond to different foods.

  • Understand the reason for your stress response and how to manage it without drugs.

  • Learn what the size of your gut has to do with your brain’s performance.

Dr Sharad Paul's 21 Gene Test

Would you like to know if you are better suited to endurance or power sports? Or do you only want to know if you can continue to drink several cups of coffee a day and not increase your risk of heart disease?


My team will analyse your genetic code and determine how your genes can influence your stress levels, nutrient or mineral metabolism and sports preferences. Most importantly, you can learn to ‘eat for your gene type.’ Upon ordering (kits cost $299 USD + shipping) a test-kit will be mailed to you with details of your closest lab to send a saliva sample to, and you will (in about 4 weeks) receive a personalized, comprehensive report that can help you take charge of your own health.


Dr Sharad Paul’s RxEVOLUTION®  21Gene Test program is meant to provide general health advice, and not intended as treatment for medical conditions. Therefore, US FDA approval has not been sought or obtained. If you have questions, please contact us.

The GT 21 Genetic Test costs $299 USD + Shipping

$299 USD + Shipping and Taxes

As featured in the 2019 Spring Edition of LUXURY Magazine


Download the PDF

Skin MD, Scientist, Storyteller, Social Entrepreneur

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