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Dr. Paul speaking at Chatham House, Asia House, TEDx Auckland.


Distinguished Lecture Series - The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences - 2018
Through the Looking Glass - Pigment Patterns & Healthcare

The European Healthcare Design Summit - 2018

Royal College of Physicians, London

Chatham House, London - 2018

Germs, Genes and Geography

TEDx Auckland, New Zealand - 2016

The Myth of Race

Kiwi Indian Hall of fame Award - 2018

(with Prime Minister of New Zealand)

Dr. Sharad Paul - "Open Heart(ed) Surgeon"

~ Time Magazine

"Dr Paul has been described in the media as "one of the most inspiring, intelligent and compassionate men you are likely to meet".

~ NZ Medical Association

Reading Dr. Paul’s book is like taking an exhilarating journey through the shifting landscape of genetics, health, and evolution.” 


– Siddhartha Mukherjee, Pulitzer Prize winner for, The Emperor of Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

We need Dr. Sharad Paul. In the same sense as the world needs historians-philosophers-sociologists for the history of mankind the world needs a physician-philosopher-literate for narrative medicine. Only a distinguished physician such as Dr. Sharad Paul with a sense for “stories” understands the importance of narrative medicine in improving patient-physician communication. He is the Sigmund Freud and Arthur Schnitzler of our times.

~ Prof. Harald Kittler
Dermatologist and thought-leader in the field of Dermoscopy and Skin Imaging, Vienna

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The Genetics of Health: Understand Your Genes for Better Health.

Take charge of your health by understanding the connection between our evolutionary past and our future wellbeing with this practical guide to personalized health and nutrition—from distinguished physician Dr. Sharad Paul.

An accessible look at skin - our most fundamental organ - by one of the foremost experts in the field. The story goes back to a flat and primeval earth, where the sun was dominant and the seas shallow.


The Genetics of Health: Understand Your Genes for Better Health.
Recognized as one of the best in his field, surgeon, academic, and philanthropist, Dr. Sharad Paul combines everyday health with evolutionary biology and explains how to improve your overall wellness by following a diet and exercise plan according to your gene type.

Provides the original concept of excisional skin tension lines.

An important work in the field of surgical foundations. First major new concept in skin tension lines since Langer’s cleavage lines in 1861 ~Nature Springer

We are at the crossroads of a major transformation.  Why is our current time so important in the history of man? We are at a point where we may be the last generation that is not partially or fully bionic...

Dermocracy: For Brown Skin, by Brown Skin, The Definitive Asian SkincareGuide

This book provides a concise and practical guide to dermatologists, dermatologists in training, primary care physicians, plastic surgeons and others working in skin cancer and dermatological surgery.

Dr.Sharad Paul MD - When surgery becomes art - research (and artworks) into BEST lines for skin surgery featured as an autographed cover Annals Journal




Dr. Sharad P. Paul - Current Academic Positions

Adjunct Professor, Auckland University of Technology

Senior Lecturer (Skin Cancer), University of Queensland

Senior Lecturer (Department of Surgery), University of Auckland


Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine

Fellow, Skin Cancer College of Australasia

Distinguished Fellow, Royal New Zealand College of General Practice


Ko Awatea International Excellence Award for Leading (Health) Improvement on a Global Scale

Finalist - New Zealander of the Year Award 2012

Chair's Award 2012 -New Zealand Medical Association's highest award

Sharad is also an author, evolutionary biologist and holds a Masters in Medical Law and Ethics and an

M Phil research degree from the University of Glasgow. His Skin Surgery Clinic has one of the largest series of skin cancer patients worldwide, with over 100,000 consultations and 45,000 operations since 1996. He is considered the only person to have had works of literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, poetry and medical textbooks published by major publishers internationally.

Sharad has served on the National Commission of UNESCO, and teaches creative writing to disadvantaged children (by visiting schools personally once a week, and funds school libraries) via his own Baci Foundation. His past businesses, such as Baci Lounge, an award-winning bookstore served as a model of social entrepreneurship by funding literacy programmes in schools.

Skin MD, Scientist, Storyteller, Social Entrepreneur

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