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Gain a scientific advantage over your skin from your own DNA

Test 30 important skin genes via state-of-the-art genetic testing procedures

Get a detailed, plain English report of your results and a personalized skin health treatment plan 

$349 USD + Shipping and Taxes


There's only one way to truly understand the engine that is your skin and that's through the incredible technology of DNA Genetic Testing. Discover your your skin's secrets and gain the insights that will allow you to care for it. Now.


Skin Physiology

Skin Pigmentation of the face
Antioxidant Levels
Loss of Skin Elasticity
Advanced Glycation End Products


Our personalized reports have been developed based on scientific research published in peer-reviewed journals and reviewed by an advisory board of experts.


As a skin MD, I have often said to my patients, one cannot have bad health and good skin.

Good skincare also means good health and fitness. In my bestselling book, The Genetics of Health (Simon and Schuster, NY 2017), I wrote that genes are our blueprint, but not our destiny.

​Professor Sharad P. Paul MD
Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Auckland University of Technology
Winner of the Ko Awatea International Excellence Award
for Leading Healthcare on a Global Scale

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